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Discussion Partner Collaborative LLC challenges C-Suite executives to apply a Null Hypothesis to strategic intents and initiatives.

Discussion Partners is committed to sustaining enterprise viability by leveraging Leadership Capabilities and Employee Engagement by aggressively asking the question “what if all you believe to be accurate and possible is incorrect”….the Null Hypothesis!



 DPC DPC’s  global advisors use data driven solutions derived from our Primary Research, Proprietary Studies conducted by Alliance Partners, and lessons learned from our client engagements.  Our proprietary methodology compels our clients to presume their assumptions regarding Leadership Effectiveness are erroneous, and their portfolio of Human Capital programs are flawed.




 Advisor Qualifications


Our fact based solutions sets are provided by our Advisors who collectively have the following qualifications:


  • Thought Leadership distinction as manifested by our over 400 Books, Articles, Blogs, and White Papers
  • Reputation as purveyors of knowledge as demonstrated by over 1,000 speeches, media  interviews and quotes
  • All Consultants have held senior positions with Arthur D. Little, Accenture,  Bain Consulting, McKinsey, and PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • All Consultants who do not presently reside outside the US, are required to have at least 10 years expatriate experience  

Discussion Partner Collaborative and its affiliates have consultants in 25 locations. 



DPC Consultants are frequently quoted in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, The China Times, Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, and Time Magazine, and are  frequent guests on networks NPR, CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN.  

As well, DPC consultants are frequent bloggers and contribute on line to web pages sponsored by The Harvard Business Review and Human Capital Institute. 

DPC Advisors act independently or in teams to assist senior managers in the following areas:


    – Transition Advisory

      Leadership Effectiveness

      Human Capital Strategy

      Employee Engagement

      Mergers and Acquisitions

      Workforce Planning

      Succession Planning


Click here to view the firms with whom we share strategic alliances. DPC augments its Executive Advisory Services with access to these Subject Matter Experts.  




Discussion Partner has 25 representative offices in the Americas, Western Europe and the Middle East.

 DPC Worldwide Representative Offices



DPC Consultants are based in the following cities:

United States











Los Angeles



New York


San Diego


Washington, DC


South America


Caracas, Venezuela,  
Lima, Peru


Middle East

London, England,  
Berlin, Germany,   
Madrid, Spain,
Dublin, Ireland

Dubai, United Arab Emirates



 Our Research Orientation




Latest Publications


Next Stage - In Your Retirement, Create the Life You Want"
by Tom Wilson


Executive Transitions 2 - Looking to the Future - Leveraging the Past! 
"Executive Transitions 2 - Looking to the Future Leveraging the Past"
by Tom Casey


"The 100 Year Life - Living and Working in an Age of Longevity"
by Lynda Gratton & Andrew Scott 

"Dante's Infinite Monkeys - Technology Meets the 7 Deadly Sins"
by Mike Dover


"Becoming A Can-Do Leader" by Frank Satterthwaite & Jamie Millard
"Becoming A Can-Do Leader"
by Frank Satterthwaite & Jamie Millard 

Juran's Quality  Handbook - 7th Edition by Joseph DeFeo
"Juran's Quality Handbook"
7th Edition
by Joseph F. Defeo 

" Is Self Employment For You?
10 Years Later"
by Paul E. Casey
Connect with Paul:
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 "Executive Advice to the Young - Don't Repeat My Mistakes!"
by Tom Casey & Gino Piaggio Valdez

"Inflection Points - Risk Readiness and Failure Fearless" by Tom Casey & Sean Casey
 "Inflection Points - Risk Readiness and Failure Fearless!"
by Tom Casey & Sean Casey

Executive Transitions by Tom Casey & Karen Warlin
"Executive Transitions"
by Tom Casey & Karen Warlin

Talent Readiness, The Future is Now by Tom Casey with Tim Donahue and Eric Seubert
"Talent Readiness -
The Future is Now

by Tom Casey

Wiki Brands by Sean Moffitt and Mike Dover
 "Wiki Brands"
by Sean Moffitt
& Mike Dover



Thought Leadership Alliance

Discussion Partners enjoys a Strategic Alliance with Tammy Erickson, an award winning author and widely respected expert on organizations and the changing workforce. Her work is based on extensive research on changing demographics and employee values and, most recently, on how successful organizations innovate through collaboration. She  has  written  four  books (see below) on managing separate and distinct age cohorts, a concept that is the foundation of Talent Readiness..

A McKinsey Award-winning author and well-known lecturer, Tammy's work focuses on shifting generational values, the changing workforce, innovative approaches to engagement, and counter-intuitive paths to collaboration and innovation.  Tammy's work on generations is based on her extensive research on the nature of work in the intelligent economy. 

Connect with Tammy:
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Tammy's Publications


"Plugged In - The Generation Y Guide to Thriving at Work"


"Retire Retirement -  Career Stratagies for the Boomer Generation"


"Workforce Crisi - How to Beat the Coming Shortage of Skills and Talent"

"What's Next, Gen X?"






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