Theoretical Framework






  Human Asset Sustainability Theoretical Framework


The Discussion Partner Theoretical Framework has three fundamental principles:

  1. Leadership Effectiveness assumptions are outdated insensitive to rapidly shifting demographics, and the migration of employee engagement from “committed to free agency”
  2. The portfolio of Human Capital programs are rigid in the extreme and not aligned with the realities of the dynamic priorities of the global workforce
  3. Sustainable solutions to be persuasive for internal stakeholders and sufficiently innovative to challenge the “status quo” must be supported by data driven suggestions that incorporate lessons learned and meaningful trends from companies and source material



The concept of Human Asset Sustainability succinctly put is defined as having the Right People, in  the  Right Positions at the   Right Time with  the  Right Skill Sets, and the Right  Motivation,  derived  from   the Right Mix of Employees,  Vendors,  Suppliers, and Contingent Workforce  Incumbents.  Getting  it Right requires Leadership,  Planning, Innovative Human Capital Practices, and a Relentless  Focus on  Employee Engagement and Global Leadership Effectiveness.




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